Wednesday, July 16, 2008

16-07-2008, Wednesday, Back after a long time

Hi guys,

I am back after a long period. I was a little lazy in sitting before the PC and typing in some useless Let's continue....

The main news is about SUMMIT 08. It's on fire. HE OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF SUMMIT 08. It worked very well. Videos and Pics of the same will be uploaded soon. Special Congrats to Laiju, Prince and Najeeb for the awesome work they did at the said occasion. A lot of other guys too were there for work, and all of them deserve special congrats. The Principal launched the logo, motto, theme music, website and the Mascot of SUMMIT 08. Mascot was done by ATM. The main personalities behind the websites are: Jofin Joseph, ATM, Toms Varghese, Rahul Raj etc. Special congrats to them all. Theme music is done by our great musician Freddie Thomas. He's done a marvellous work indeed. Congrats to him too. And the logo, as usual, by our ATM.

Mr. Libin, our chairman of the year 2007-08, was also present at the function. Special thanks to him for persuading his batchmates to contribute to SUMMIT 08. They have collected a good sum for us. Let's expect the same in the future too. Sojo James and Meera of S5-B were the anchors of the launch. Actually, Harishankar J was supposed to be the one to do it. Unfortunately, he caught descentry and Sojo took over it and did it marvellously. Meera has also done a very good work, I cannot help saying.

India Vision 2020 is on fire... Hot discussions are going on this. Lotta guys are here who are working hard for the same. They are collecting ideas and trying to implement. All are very supportive in this regard; I repeat and emphasize, all are supportive.

And something about SASTRA (I think I am very bad at remembering the spelling). Those people came to the college and I was on bed(sleeping indeed). All said that their program is a jaada one. However it's a good model for our publicity team, I believe.

Our College senate discussions are going on. So far,
G.S: Akhil Dev - S5A
S.S: Jerin George - S5B
A.S: Laiju K Raju - S5D
Magazine: Sajeesh S - S5C
Vice Chairperson: Manju Das - S5C

The posts have not been confirmed. The final decisions from C batch regarding the posts are yet to come out. And I came to know about some unhappy issues regarding this election, which are not worth citing here. I wonder how this world work like this. And I admire my friend Sanoop Thomas, whom I have ever looked at with high amount of amusement, rather, amazement. The ways he chooses to tackle and solve the problems, the maturity he possesses, and all... I think I have understood him, as far as I could. He's such a great personality that I've ever met in this college.

Buy all.... badly asleep......

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