Saturday, March 21, 2009

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Hi all....

Fed up with Blogger. So planning to move to wordpress. And you can read my further blogs in wordpress....


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Thursday, July 17, 2008

17-07-2008, Thursday - Mascot by ATM

Hi all,

I am back with an exciting video.... our SUMMIT 08 Macot. I have been thinking of uploading it for a long time. yesterday, as I was sitting in Alok's room, he provided me with soem editing tool, and, Oh God.. I could do it alone.. and it's here:

Hope you all enjoy it... and as always, I couldn't help bunking today too......

catch you all later.....

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

16-07-2008, Wednesday - I am never gonna be a good boy

Yes.... ma decisions, often I call them 'determinations', do not find their targets. What I mean by professionalism is to do things in such a manner that it works for the good of other people, and doing it on time, on the proper channel, on the correct manner, and to get the desired output. But it never happens in my life. I had decided to go to the college regularly this year. But the fact remains that I am very regularly irregular as always. Oh Lord... why am I like this???

What's Google Code Jam? I had once registered for it and they've now sent a reminder for me... oh god.. what am I gonna do with it???

16-07-2008, Wednesday, Back after a long time

Hi guys,

I am back after a long period. I was a little lazy in sitting before the PC and typing in some useless Let's continue....

The main news is about SUMMIT 08. It's on fire. HE OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF SUMMIT 08. It worked very well. Videos and Pics of the same will be uploaded soon. Special Congrats to Laiju, Prince and Najeeb for the awesome work they did at the said occasion. A lot of other guys too were there for work, and all of them deserve special congrats. The Principal launched the logo, motto, theme music, website and the Mascot of SUMMIT 08. Mascot was done by ATM. The main personalities behind the websites are: Jofin Joseph, ATM, Toms Varghese, Rahul Raj etc. Special congrats to them all. Theme music is done by our great musician Freddie Thomas. He's done a marvellous work indeed. Congrats to him too. And the logo, as usual, by our ATM.

Mr. Libin, our chairman of the year 2007-08, was also present at the function. Special thanks to him for persuading his batchmates to contribute to SUMMIT 08. They have collected a good sum for us. Let's expect the same in the future too. Sojo James and Meera of S5-B were the anchors of the launch. Actually, Harishankar J was supposed to be the one to do it. Unfortunately, he caught descentry and Sojo took over it and did it marvellously. Meera has also done a very good work, I cannot help saying.

India Vision 2020 is on fire... Hot discussions are going on this. Lotta guys are here who are working hard for the same. They are collecting ideas and trying to implement. All are very supportive in this regard; I repeat and emphasize, all are supportive.

And something about SASTRA (I think I am very bad at remembering the spelling). Those people came to the college and I was on bed(sleeping indeed). All said that their program is a jaada one. However it's a good model for our publicity team, I believe.

Our College senate discussions are going on. So far,
G.S: Akhil Dev - S5A
S.S: Jerin George - S5B
A.S: Laiju K Raju - S5D
Magazine: Sajeesh S - S5C
Vice Chairperson: Manju Das - S5C

The posts have not been confirmed. The final decisions from C batch regarding the posts are yet to come out. And I came to know about some unhappy issues regarding this election, which are not worth citing here. I wonder how this world work like this. And I admire my friend Sanoop Thomas, whom I have ever looked at with high amount of amusement, rather, amazement. The ways he chooses to tackle and solve the problems, the maturity he possesses, and all... I think I have understood him, as far as I could. He's such a great personality that I've ever met in this college.

Buy all.... badly asleep......

Sunday, June 8, 2008

08-06-2008, Sunday - Back after a long time

I am back after a long time's break. I was lazy these days to get into blogger; but I have been working on SUMMIT 08's blog. Visit it here:

These days, I am very busy with SUMMIT 08 works. I am not intending to write the works of SUMMIT here, that you can see in the blog specified above.

Sanoop, Arjun, Sojo, Alok, ATM, Rahul, Jofin, Toms, Freddie etc are working at Mh. Some others are working for SUMMIT being at home. I am scared to mention the names, coz I may forget to add some names. Sorry, if I have not mentioned your name.

A lot of seniors are also helping us in the endeavour.. Thanks to all of them... Some of us have not been even sleeping for last five or six days... working on SUMMIT... it's become a great dream that cherished, I feel. We are now trying for APJ.

Now about me: my vacation started long back (1 month, I suppose). I am now at MH. I had Mathematics improvement and it's very bad. I spent most of the time before Internet and decided not to write the exam, as I heard that it's best-of-two and not cancellation. But on the previous night all frightened me that it is cancellaion. I juse flipped through the pages, as I was sleepy and went to bed. The exam was utterly bad, and I fear if I would fail. I believe that it's best-of-two. I have more than 75 for the regular Maths exam; so I am not concerned about that. Actually, I decided to write the exam, as I wanted to reach the target of 63% in the first year... But I dunno if I can. I have only 60.3% now, and I have two improvements left-Computer (C) and TCSS. They are on 18 and 20 of June respectively.

Mother is calling me everyday and asks to come back. Sanoop and Arjun called ma parents and said that I am working hard for SUMMIT and it will be impossible to send me back home now. They believed i, I suppose and thank god.

Now, Amal called me and said that he's intending to take laptop on coming Tuesday. ATM will go with him.Rahul is back after his 10 days tour for Goa. During tour, he called me and said that he has lost his main ID: rahulrajpl[at]gmail[dot]com. And I tried for 5 hours to get it back and got it at last. Actually, what happened is, Gmail accepts the username but doesn't get in and shows a message that the account has been disabled. I sent mails to Google and at last they provided with me the password change link for the disabled accounts. I think he's happy.

That's all for now. I am not in a good mood to write a blog now. Will be back soon...

Friday, May 16, 2008

16-05-2008, Friday - SUMMIT going on

My last day at crown.... I had discussions with Rahul, Jofin, Sanoop, Arjun n Dawns at Crown on SUMMIT. Also, the great puli ATM was also with us. I think this discussion were very much fruitful and creative, as far as I am concerned. We could even discuss an over all idea about the web site of SUMMIT 08!!!!

Also, we could set an idea regarding the corporate presentation also. The flash works might also be done along with HTML in the web page, we concluded. The concepts those arose in the discussion were very thrilling. GRID was suggested to be th theme for the event and SPIDER as the mascot. Another suggestion was to choose any cartoon character(new one) as mascot. And in intro, we suggested, to introduce the mascot as a mutt, looking at the steps and jumping on them. On each step, he may earn Gems and the name of the event may be shown there as in games.... It's generally accepted. I suggested to show Prize money on earning Gems, but all said that the former is better. I admitted, but still I think the latter would do better.

During the discussions, Sanoop fell to comment that IEEE in our college has not risen to the expectations of the students of our college. I dunno if it'd hurt anyone present there, as Rahul and Arjun were there. IS it true? I dunno, as I am not involved in such thoughts and still, I have not evaluated or am none to, the activities of IEEE in my institution. Well, it goes....

Now, I am at MH. Rahul came for chat and said that he'd something to tell me. But as many people were here, I couldn't chat with him. ATM went back to home, as he'd got some requirements at home.

A happy news for me is that I could 'hack' Rakesh's Gmail and Jijil's two Gmail IDs. It's just simple. I wonder Internet accounts are not safe; even I could get into another one's account, without a bit of technical knowledge. I dunno if it can be called 'hacking'. Actually I just wanted to practise that technique; that's all. I didn't make any harm to anyone. I did all these with the permissions of the owners. Raku asked me how I did it and I answered on a condition that he shouldn't pervade this technique so that others would turn against me....

The above incident happened yesterday. Yesterday night, I could do the same with Rahul's ID too. He had challenged me to do it. But, it's so sad that I couldn't log on to his frequently used account. I could get into only, which he rarely uses. He said that he's practised all such tricks with his friend's ID long back, even.

Today, I am now uploading the videos taken by Cherian Chetan. It's all about 2008 batch and the incredible college CEC!!! I have no words to explain that video and the incredible personality Mr. Cherian. He's known as Megastar Cherian and I do not wonder why it's. He's real a genius.... I expected the work to be of first water, and still it's something beyond that. Really great!!!! Congrats to him... You know, we juniors became the fan of Mr. Cherian in our first year in the college itself... He's really awesome. He also included a making scene video too. He told me that I shouldn't publish the video till tomorrow, because he'll publish the video just tomorrow only. Actually, as there's no college day conducted by the senate, S-8 guys are conducting it by themselves with the consent from the Principal. No other S-8 guy is supposed to see the video till tomorrow morning. That's why.. But I am going home so I am uploading the video now in Youtube by converting the file to .mp4 from .wmv. One of the files was of 146 MB and the other 126 MB. After conversion, they were of 6.4 MB and 4.6 MB respectively. Now it's simple to upload the files using Youtube multi-uploader, as Raku said.

Links (High Quality):

CEC 2008 Video By Mega Star Cherian Chetan:

Links (Low quality):

CEC 2008 Video By Mega Star Cherian Chetan:

Making of the video - it's really funny:

(For more clear videos, you may kindly contact Mr. Cherian or me. I am trying to upload that Original files, but it may take more time. Once I publish it, will be acknowledged though this blog)

I am going back to home tomorrow early in the morning in 5:40 AM's passenger with Prince and Sanoop. Prince is coming to EKM, as his father's ATM (it's with him) lost and he wants to apply for a new one. He says that I should be with him, but actually I need to be at my branch before 12 noon, as I have to invest cash from my account to Echaayan's account(My ATM is lost and I have to pay rent to Crown. Oh... today was my last day at Crown. And Sarath has deposited his money too to my account. I have to withdraw it and put it to Echaayan's accont before 12 noon. Tomorrow is a Saturday na; so, bank transactions will be upto 12 noon, I think). Sanoop said that he'll bring his PC also, from Thamara. He's accompanying us in tomorrows journey till Kottayam. Thanks to him for helping me to bring my bags from Crown to MH. It's a tedious job indeed.

Today, I saw Mr. George Peter, of S-6 batch. We had a small talk with each other about SUMMIT. He gave some general directions regarding sponsorship and all. He also said that today there was an initial meeting of their batch regarding Campion 08 (Intra IHRD Football 5's fest conducted by CEC every year). But no committee has been selected so far. One point which he pointed was: "The planning committees in our college are always excellent. Planning will also be very professional. But the work may not come to the active region. Plannings gets to the worst real there", he said. I agree to him.

That's all for now.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

14-05-2008, Wednesday - My ATM card lost

Today was a bad one for me... ma SBT as well as Federal ATM cards are lost. I had put them in a single pouch and placed the pouch inside ma purse. I am damn sure that I have not used SBT ATM after coming back from home (I had gone home last Saturday). On the way back, I took Rs. 500/- from ma Federal ATM and that's all for all these days. I haven't withdrawn even a buck other than that. I dunno where the hell it has gone.....!!!

I remained at MH after long searches for lost ATMs. At night me, Raku n Prince went out to have a tea. The one and only interesting thing in being at MH, as for me, is this. On the way back, we sat at the steps of MH and spoke for a long time. The topics include our friends, English language and literature, SUMMIT, campus interview and even Malayalam literature.....Lol.... I wonder there might be no other hostel where you guys can find pals having great discussions on such serious topics at midnight(?). In natural course, the topics might be sports, or something 'hot'. But here, it's not the practice. The real loving, understanding and suitable mates for me.......

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

14-05-2008, Wednesday - SSLC Results Published

Even though my exams are over, I've still not gone home. I dunno why. SUMMIT works are going on. But it's not why I don't go home. I dunno why. Akhil Dev goes home today with Najeeb.

That girl, I specified in yesterday's blog, called me today. I was so happy to see that she's calling me again. She asked if I am unhappy or even sad. I said "NO", even though I knew I was lying. She called me at night saying that her best friend asked her to call me and say "SORRY". I don't believe in those SORRIES, as they might not make any sense to me. Doing certain things intentionally and saying Sorry then..... it's not good as far as my very little knowledge and sense is concerned. OK leave it.

Arjun, Akhil n Deepak Devanand came to Crown after noon. We discussed a bit regarding rules of events and all. Then the discussion diverted or was diverted to other topics. Still, I feel that we guys are not professionals in doing such things. We must show much more professionalism.

Today some seniors like Josephettan approached Dawns n Prince and asked them not to go for the Arts that might be conducted by S-8 guys on 17th. Then Dawns replied that we have not got any information regarding the Arts Day so far. Prince replied, "we guys have gone and helped in whatever the S-6 guys have asked for. Then why shouldn't we go if S-8 guys invite us". This seems to be an intellectual, but a bit dangerous question.

S-7 results are out. Most of the seniors are full-pass. Only a few are having one or two supplies. Now we are awaiting our S-3 result. They say that it'll be out within a month.

Today SSLC Results are published. Shanavas' brother has got one back paper, as he caught Chicken pox during exams. and it's maths too. Rahul's sis has got nice marks, as far as I know. I've come to know about none others' results. I haven't called Prakashan Sir and asked how the results are...

Actually, it's supposed to be published on last 9th, but due to Minister for Edn. Mr. M.A. Baby's personal interest towards the number 13, today was chosen for the publishing of results. And it's amazing to see that the Pass percentage is 92.09. In BVHS 116 students have passed out of 120, in which 1 was absent for the whole exam. This year was priorly declares as "Kaaryakshamatha Varsham" and the media say that the result is this much for the justification of the same or to show that the government has won in implementing the vision.

I heard that a studnet could win in Mathematics by scoring just 4 marks in the theory paper, as there was an unwritten order for the school officials to give maximum internals for the students who were likely to fail. Also, two high mark questions, that too from the toughest portions of Mathematics, were given full credit at the evaluation camp for those who have just attempted, as the questions were given wrong in the question paper. This enabled the students pass the exam even by scoring such a poor mark like 4!!! I pity.....!!!!

Prakashan Sir has been calling me these days, and he's asking me to go there. Yea, now I supppose there'll be only +2 SAY coaching, as the pass % of SSLC is very high. Let's see. And for those who don't know me: I have been teaching Mathematics in a reputed firm at Nayarambalam - Prayaga College and Computer Academy - for last two years for the SSLC and PLUS TWO students for SAY examination. Last year 35 out of my 36 students passed the exam. I am proud of it, too....

Some guys whose lab exams are not over, asked me to give the Viva Questions. Mr. Reju John has been asking almost the same questions to all. He was there for A, C, D Batches in DE Lab. So, I uploaded 30 questions, collected from others too, to my page. Some people even called me and said "thanks, thanks a lot"; I am happy. However, all are complaining about my bad aesthetic sense in web designing. Ah me...!!! I've got a lot to work with it...

Monday, May 12, 2008

12-05-2008, Monday - The Worst Day ever in My Life

Yea, today was the worst day ever in my life. I always say that it's the bold relations that break soon. Yea, it has also come to my life. It's only due to my folly and perhaps, the most worst character of mine. It's true that sometimes I hate myself the most. Some people have told me that we shouldn't think so and should have self-esteem and all. Yea, I do have self-esteem for what all I am; but, I am aware of what I am not or what I am doing to others. And I think I am a self-refreshing personality.

Today, I dunno if it's worth publishing: one friend of mine told me that I've become a disturbance to her. She didn't tell so directly, but told that she becomes uncomfortable with me. I dunno what made her tell so. However, that relation broke. I swear that it's not mine who broke it. Still, she remains as ma best best best friend, but I am not so to her, as far as she's concerned. She says that I am no friend of her any more. Perhaps, this might be the day in which I cried a lot, believe me. I am a person who values relationships the most; even if certain people wouldn't assent to this; still, I am. I am hurt, rather I might have hurt that person. I dunno what to do...... The whole seems to be unhappy. Once somebody said: "The outer World is the reflection of your inner mind". This is the very sentence which I regard to be true.

Last day there happened another unhealthy incident in my college. College chairman posted a topic regarding "no college day this year" and apologized others for not conducting the college day, he being the chairman, and criticized the third years as "irresponsible junior senate members". This made the third years angry. Some of them posted some unhealthy posts in the topic. This led to an unfortunate event. I don't wanna write it here. However, what my opinion is, the third years should have taken it as a positive criticism from an elder brother. They should at least have thought that the seniors are saying good-bye to CEC soon, and it's not the time for a verbal or non-verbal fight. I anot blaming anybody. Leave it... it just happened. Let's all forget that.

The Topic is here:

Today Fazilettan (Pachikka) sent me a mail, regarding irregularities of SUMMIT '05 Funding, which he got from "Paul John", a fake name of a senior at that time sent to him after SUMMIT '05. Fazilettan was in the second year during SUMMIT '05.