Monday, May 12, 2008

12-05-2008, Monday - The Worst Day ever in My Life

Yea, today was the worst day ever in my life. I always say that it's the bold relations that break soon. Yea, it has also come to my life. It's only due to my folly and perhaps, the most worst character of mine. It's true that sometimes I hate myself the most. Some people have told me that we shouldn't think so and should have self-esteem and all. Yea, I do have self-esteem for what all I am; but, I am aware of what I am not or what I am doing to others. And I think I am a self-refreshing personality.

Today, I dunno if it's worth publishing: one friend of mine told me that I've become a disturbance to her. She didn't tell so directly, but told that she becomes uncomfortable with me. I dunno what made her tell so. However, that relation broke. I swear that it's not mine who broke it. Still, she remains as ma best best best friend, but I am not so to her, as far as she's concerned. She says that I am no friend of her any more. Perhaps, this might be the day in which I cried a lot, believe me. I am a person who values relationships the most; even if certain people wouldn't assent to this; still, I am. I am hurt, rather I might have hurt that person. I dunno what to do...... The whole seems to be unhappy. Once somebody said: "The outer World is the reflection of your inner mind". This is the very sentence which I regard to be true.

Last day there happened another unhealthy incident in my college. College chairman posted a topic regarding "no college day this year" and apologized others for not conducting the college day, he being the chairman, and criticized the third years as "irresponsible junior senate members". This made the third years angry. Some of them posted some unhealthy posts in the topic. This led to an unfortunate event. I don't wanna write it here. However, what my opinion is, the third years should have taken it as a positive criticism from an elder brother. They should at least have thought that the seniors are saying good-bye to CEC soon, and it's not the time for a verbal or non-verbal fight. I anot blaming anybody. Leave it... it just happened. Let's all forget that.

The Topic is here:

Today Fazilettan (Pachikka) sent me a mail, regarding irregularities of SUMMIT '05 Funding, which he got from "Paul John", a fake name of a senior at that time sent to him after SUMMIT '05. Fazilettan was in the second year during SUMMIT '05.


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