Wednesday, May 7, 2008

07-05-2008, Wednesday - SUMMIT discussions going on

Today Arjun came to the hostel. Fact is that, I didn't sleep a wink last night. Arjun told me that Anoop K Jayan (A pass out buji of CEC) called him and instructed him to ask for Kottayam as venue for SUMMIT to the Principal. He had lots of reasons for that. But I and Sanoop were not agreeing to this, and Rahul too, I suppose.

At first, most of the students were for for Kottayam, but later our college itself was set as the venue. It was after a great sequence of discussion that we took such a decision. And we are about to submit the proposal too. We had told the Principal that we would submit the proposal on or before 5th of May. But it's already 7.

Arjun says that he's incapable of conveying us the reasons for choosing Kottayam as the venue, and Anoop K.J is coming to the college on 9th. Then we can have a discussion with him, he says. Later, Akhil reached here, but all others were about to leave. When told Akhil about this, he couldn't help bursting out. He said that he could manage Arjun and leave it to him. He says that we will indeed submit the proposal tomorrow itself. I dunno what's gonna happen.

Amal and Dawns had labs today. Amal had DE lab and Dawns had EC. BOth of them didn't get the output, but satisfactory. Mine is on 9th. Cerene mailed me today asking if I have started studying or not. She's ma lab mate at DE lab. I could but reply an emphatic "NO". I have not started so far.

Today Adheena mailed me some corrections to be made in SUMMIT web page. They are some silly grammatical errors. I wonder how I made such silly mistakes. How ever, thanks to her for reporting those errors.

I am very sleepy now. Lemme go to bed... Catch you all later...OK..

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