Friday, May 16, 2008

16-05-2008, Friday - SUMMIT going on

My last day at crown.... I had discussions with Rahul, Jofin, Sanoop, Arjun n Dawns at Crown on SUMMIT. Also, the great puli ATM was also with us. I think this discussion were very much fruitful and creative, as far as I am concerned. We could even discuss an over all idea about the web site of SUMMIT 08!!!!

Also, we could set an idea regarding the corporate presentation also. The flash works might also be done along with HTML in the web page, we concluded. The concepts those arose in the discussion were very thrilling. GRID was suggested to be th theme for the event and SPIDER as the mascot. Another suggestion was to choose any cartoon character(new one) as mascot. And in intro, we suggested, to introduce the mascot as a mutt, looking at the steps and jumping on them. On each step, he may earn Gems and the name of the event may be shown there as in games.... It's generally accepted. I suggested to show Prize money on earning Gems, but all said that the former is better. I admitted, but still I think the latter would do better.

During the discussions, Sanoop fell to comment that IEEE in our college has not risen to the expectations of the students of our college. I dunno if it'd hurt anyone present there, as Rahul and Arjun were there. IS it true? I dunno, as I am not involved in such thoughts and still, I have not evaluated or am none to, the activities of IEEE in my institution. Well, it goes....

Now, I am at MH. Rahul came for chat and said that he'd something to tell me. But as many people were here, I couldn't chat with him. ATM went back to home, as he'd got some requirements at home.

A happy news for me is that I could 'hack' Rakesh's Gmail and Jijil's two Gmail IDs. It's just simple. I wonder Internet accounts are not safe; even I could get into another one's account, without a bit of technical knowledge. I dunno if it can be called 'hacking'. Actually I just wanted to practise that technique; that's all. I didn't make any harm to anyone. I did all these with the permissions of the owners. Raku asked me how I did it and I answered on a condition that he shouldn't pervade this technique so that others would turn against me....

The above incident happened yesterday. Yesterday night, I could do the same with Rahul's ID too. He had challenged me to do it. But, it's so sad that I couldn't log on to his frequently used account. I could get into only, which he rarely uses. He said that he's practised all such tricks with his friend's ID long back, even.

Today, I am now uploading the videos taken by Cherian Chetan. It's all about 2008 batch and the incredible college CEC!!! I have no words to explain that video and the incredible personality Mr. Cherian. He's known as Megastar Cherian and I do not wonder why it's. He's real a genius.... I expected the work to be of first water, and still it's something beyond that. Really great!!!! Congrats to him... You know, we juniors became the fan of Mr. Cherian in our first year in the college itself... He's really awesome. He also included a making scene video too. He told me that I shouldn't publish the video till tomorrow, because he'll publish the video just tomorrow only. Actually, as there's no college day conducted by the senate, S-8 guys are conducting it by themselves with the consent from the Principal. No other S-8 guy is supposed to see the video till tomorrow morning. That's why.. But I am going home so I am uploading the video now in Youtube by converting the file to .mp4 from .wmv. One of the files was of 146 MB and the other 126 MB. After conversion, they were of 6.4 MB and 4.6 MB respectively. Now it's simple to upload the files using Youtube multi-uploader, as Raku said.

Links (High Quality):

CEC 2008 Video By Mega Star Cherian Chetan:

Links (Low quality):

CEC 2008 Video By Mega Star Cherian Chetan:

Making of the video - it's really funny:

(For more clear videos, you may kindly contact Mr. Cherian or me. I am trying to upload that Original files, but it may take more time. Once I publish it, will be acknowledged though this blog)

I am going back to home tomorrow early in the morning in 5:40 AM's passenger with Prince and Sanoop. Prince is coming to EKM, as his father's ATM (it's with him) lost and he wants to apply for a new one. He says that I should be with him, but actually I need to be at my branch before 12 noon, as I have to invest cash from my account to Echaayan's account(My ATM is lost and I have to pay rent to Crown. Oh... today was my last day at Crown. And Sarath has deposited his money too to my account. I have to withdraw it and put it to Echaayan's accont before 12 noon. Tomorrow is a Saturday na; so, bank transactions will be upto 12 noon, I think). Sanoop said that he'll bring his PC also, from Thamara. He's accompanying us in tomorrows journey till Kottayam. Thanks to him for helping me to bring my bags from Crown to MH. It's a tedious job indeed.

Today, I saw Mr. George Peter, of S-6 batch. We had a small talk with each other about SUMMIT. He gave some general directions regarding sponsorship and all. He also said that today there was an initial meeting of their batch regarding Campion 08 (Intra IHRD Football 5's fest conducted by CEC every year). But no committee has been selected so far. One point which he pointed was: "The planning committees in our college are always excellent. Planning will also be very professional. But the work may not come to the active region. Plannings gets to the worst real there", he said. I agree to him.

That's all for now.

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