Sunday, June 8, 2008

08-06-2008, Sunday - Back after a long time

I am back after a long time's break. I was lazy these days to get into blogger; but I have been working on SUMMIT 08's blog. Visit it here:

These days, I am very busy with SUMMIT 08 works. I am not intending to write the works of SUMMIT here, that you can see in the blog specified above.

Sanoop, Arjun, Sojo, Alok, ATM, Rahul, Jofin, Toms, Freddie etc are working at Mh. Some others are working for SUMMIT being at home. I am scared to mention the names, coz I may forget to add some names. Sorry, if I have not mentioned your name.

A lot of seniors are also helping us in the endeavour.. Thanks to all of them... Some of us have not been even sleeping for last five or six days... working on SUMMIT... it's become a great dream that cherished, I feel. We are now trying for APJ.

Now about me: my vacation started long back (1 month, I suppose). I am now at MH. I had Mathematics improvement and it's very bad. I spent most of the time before Internet and decided not to write the exam, as I heard that it's best-of-two and not cancellation. But on the previous night all frightened me that it is cancellaion. I juse flipped through the pages, as I was sleepy and went to bed. The exam was utterly bad, and I fear if I would fail. I believe that it's best-of-two. I have more than 75 for the regular Maths exam; so I am not concerned about that. Actually, I decided to write the exam, as I wanted to reach the target of 63% in the first year... But I dunno if I can. I have only 60.3% now, and I have two improvements left-Computer (C) and TCSS. They are on 18 and 20 of June respectively.

Mother is calling me everyday and asks to come back. Sanoop and Arjun called ma parents and said that I am working hard for SUMMIT and it will be impossible to send me back home now. They believed i, I suppose and thank god.

Now, Amal called me and said that he's intending to take laptop on coming Tuesday. ATM will go with him.Rahul is back after his 10 days tour for Goa. During tour, he called me and said that he has lost his main ID: rahulrajpl[at]gmail[dot]com. And I tried for 5 hours to get it back and got it at last. Actually, what happened is, Gmail accepts the username but doesn't get in and shows a message that the account has been disabled. I sent mails to Google and at last they provided with me the password change link for the disabled accounts. I think he's happy.

That's all for now. I am not in a good mood to write a blog now. Will be back soon...

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